PREHORQUISA Introduces NoNOx technology. With air cleaning feature

In line with our vision to generate progress in quality of life, we introduce NoNOx facades for our Architectural Concrete Panels. Powered by the strong photocatalytic TiO2 technology from Photocat.

The Technology

Step 1

NOx is in the air

Step 2

The surface is activated by the sun and NOx is degraded into nitrate

Step 3

Nitrate is washed away by the rain

NoNOx is the natural choice for urban living areas, because:

  • 100 m2 of NoNOx is equivalent to 6.5 trees
  • 100 m2 of NoNOx degrades 1 kg of NOx per year
  • NoNOx requires no maintenance


Primera obra PREHORQUISA con Tecnología NoNOx

Diana Building
Zaragoza Tower