Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in the activities of companies and in relations with their various interest groups.

In this sense, in PREHORQUI, S.A. the following actions are carried out:

CSR activities oriented towards society:

  • Sponsors of teams and sporting events
  • Sponsors of local festivals
  • Aid to orphans and NGO schools

CSR activities aimed at workers:

  • Flexible and part-time work to help reconcile family and work life
  • Training and development of the staff and family
  • Advantages and discounts in obtaining services in the area
  • Equal opportunities

CSR activities oriented towards the environment:

  • We separate and manage through an authorized manager all waste generated in our production processes
  • Waste reduction
  • Efficient use of resources

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We offer our customers a complete engineering, manufacturing and commissioning service. In this way, we adapt our production processes to the needs of each client and develop all engineering and planning work in collaboration with the technicians and project management of each project.

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