Strength and competitiveness

At the business level, it has been demonstrated in recent decades that a high level of R+D+I in companies implies an increase in their strength and competitiveness, since it allows their products or processes to be positively differentiated from those of their competitors. At the social level, many of the results obtained are potentially generating social advances in terms of quality of life, environmental improvement and health.

Our sector is responsible for the industrialization of concrete construction solutions., this enormous task has been one of the objectives of PREHORQUI, S. A., which in recent years has worked on the development of new concretes, on increasing the durability of the product, on the application of new manufacturing technologies, but above all facilitating the work of the architect with the development of products that are simply assembled on site, with the objective of zero risk in the assembly and with unequalled technical characteristics, and with a high level of quality. verified on the finished product .


Today, PREHORQUISA leads a project financed by MINECO ( PABLO ), and manages with its own resources two other projects together with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (PNFU) and engineers and professors from the Polytechnic University of Madrid ( SIMULAMAT ). All these projects, together with the completed ETIXc funded by the CDTI, and ACTICEN , DIABLO y ACUÑA funded by MICINN and MINECO, are detailed below.

ACUÑA: Prototype of wedge-shaped pieces for spillways.

DIABLO: Design code for spillways formed by wedges.

ETIXc : High energy efficient precast façade system.

SIMULAMAT : Software for the prediction of concrete failure test results.

PNFU: Precast panels with pneumatic granules.

ACTICEN: New sustainable concretes made with chemically and physically pre-activated ashes.

PABLO: Prototype wedge-shaped block spillway.


R+D+art renovation

PREHORQUISA renews its commitment to innovation and development through art.

R+D+art is a guarantee mark that with its seal, recognizes the commitment to innovation and development through art, within national and international companies.. The R+D+art seal analyzes the company’s overall quality, without focusing on its products or services.

R+D+art seeks to highlight those companies that strive to expand human knowledge, either by promoting innovation and development in the evolution of their products, or by supporting art as part of their business model.

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