PREHORQUISA, coordinator of the Acuña project, whose patent has been awarded as “Patent with the greatest impact on society of the UPM”.

Rafael Morán (SERPA-UPM Group) receives this award for the patent “Precast concrete piece with drainage and aeration system for protection against erosion by water currents (ACUÑA), granted in May 2017.

ACUÑA patented part improves dam safety

The development of the patent has been carried out with the support of three research projects from the National R&D Plan and coordinated by PREHORQUISA ACUÑA (IPT-2011-0997-020000), DIABLO (RTC-2014- 2081-5) and PABLO (RTC-2017-6196-5). The operating license is currently in the name of PREHORQUISA which is in charge of its manufacture and commercialization.

The link to the award is as follows:

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