Frontón Añorga

Then we leave you several photographs of the work we have executed for the reform of the Frontón de Añorga, Donosti, main contractor Cnes. Etxezabal, original project of the teacher Eduardo Torroja and fantastic project of reform of the architect Jaime Vergel for Añorga Kirol eta Kultur Elkartea, congratulations to all for the great work done.

In this case we executed precast ribs in gray concrete bush hammered with double curvature, a work of great complexity especially for the execution of the molds and the reinforcements since even the plates were warped to adapt to the planned design, in any case in our modest opinion the great effort has undoubtedly deserved the pain in view of the magnificent aspect of the work.

We encourage anyone who can to visit it, as it is also right behind the Cemento Rezola Museum, another highly recommended stop.

From here to thank Jaime Vergel for the fantastic photos of the work.

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