Inauguration of Gare Rabat Agdal, the new High-speed Train Station in Morocco

On November 17, the King of Morocco Mohammed VI inaugurated this magnificent infrastructure in which we have been proud to participate with more than 8,000 m2 of facades. In this project our duties encompassed: development of the detail engineering of the anchorages, the manufacture, logistics and transport, and installation on site of the panels.

This station, that includes a new passenger building (23,000 m2) and outdoor facilities (70,000 m², from which 12,000 m² are dedicated to a fountain square), also aims to support the urban development of the capital, by creating offices, shops and neighbouring hotels.

The project, that cost 800 million Dirhams and lasted 28 months, will connect both parts of the city: North (Akkari District and the new cornice of Rabat) and South (Agdal).

We share today some new pictures of this extraordinary project, the new High-speed Train Station of Rabat, executed in our neighbouring country. This modern building, designed by Youssef Melehi, includes more than 800 high-feature precast panels armed with UHPC fibre that are up to 2,000 mm wide and more than 7,500 mm high. We specially highlight the double-skin lattice that provides sunscreen to the glass curtain wall sifting the sun’s rays to the inside.

This fantastic design succeeds in the sunlight control, improving the energy efficiency of the building. The lattice also provides a subtle transition between interior and exterior maintaining an intimacy inside while showing the outside a geometric curtain of repetitions and symmetries so characteristic of the Moroccan vernacular architecture, on a larger scale in this case, according to the proportions of the station.

We must highlight the complex anchorage system developed, completely screwed, that allows mounting tolerances in the three dimensions. It has been designed and calculated

We can see below, the effect of night light testing.

Thanks again to our client Talbo for their trust in such an important project, and for the excellent coordination with his technical team. And congratulations to the Prehorquisa team of for the great effort and work in this singular, complex and exciting project.

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