PREHORQUISA participates in international award-winning projects: “WAF Awards 2022” and “Residential Awards at the 2022 Architecture MasterPrize”.

The Paseo Mallorca 15 project in Mallorca has won in the Finished Buildings: Housing category of the “World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2022” – awards of the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2022 (the world’s leading annual architectural event), in addition to the ‘Best of the best’ housing award at the Architecture Master Award 2022 (award for the “Best of the best” residential project in the Master Architecture Award 2022).

This project is described in the awards as follows:

The Paseo Mallorca 15 Project is a structure with a very low energy footprint, part of the Near Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standard. In addition to energy efficiency, the project focuses on design, innovation, urban integration, sustainability and interior aspects of its construction. The project is cited as an “abstract and contemporary” building that is both highly efficient and sustainable, as well as a pleasurable and stimulating sensory experience: a unique urban oasis with local roots connected to the city.

PREHORQUISA participates in the manufacture and assembly of panels on the facades facing the quietest streets, where the night areas of the houses are located. The façade is made of GRC sandwich panels and a gray sheet with a textured finish that provides the necessary watertightness for the private areas.

We are very proud that our work is also recognized within international award-winning projects.

The links to these awards are as follows:

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