The installation of the spectacular structural panels of the new Polaris North Madrid office building is completed

Designed by the b720 team and built by SACYR, the project consists of the complete remodelling of the Manoteras 12 building (former Yellow Pages offices) in Madrid for Onix Capital Partners. Sacyr will carry out the complete rehabilitation and enlargement to 7 heights of the building located at Manoteras Avenue 12, to turn it into a sustainable and efficient office property that aspires to the maximum certifications as Leed and Well Gold. To this end, the remodelling will be undertaken on the existing 5,310 m2 and the area will be expanded to reach 21,200 m2 built with the most avant-garde construction techniques.

The team of the Fermín Vázquez b720 studio accomplished the project for this complex and ambitious intervention in which HOMU Project, DINMAS and Valladares engineering also participated.

Polaris North Madrid is one of the first buildings in Spain to opt for the LEED® Core & Shell v4 and the WELL® v1 Gold level certifications. These certifications guarantee its energy saving, respect for the environment, excellency of materials, and luminosity; values that bring great benefits to their users.

With a 70-meter large facade over Manoteras Avenue, the building finds support on a “table” of perimeter concrete. Its pillar-free diaphanous floors provide the maximum use of areas, allowing freedom of design for collaboration and interaction spaces.

Large horizontal floors will make the most of natural light. Its pillar-free configuration generates wide, open, and inspiring spaces. A perfect balance between operational efficiency and well-being.

The design included the concept of industrialization, taking full advantage of concrete. The panels play a double function of enclosure and structural element. Its post-tensioned slabs of up to 17 meters of light are anchored and supported on the panels transmitting the load to the large starting beam.

Given the uniqueness of the project, the construction process has been specifically designed in detail. The lower panels must be placed before executing each slab but must also leave a free space in the floor front to allow the post-tensioning tasks. Therefore, the collaboration between Prehorquisa´s technical office, SACYR and the Technical Project Management has been constant and primordial. And among the many advantages of this system we highlight the reduction of the work planning, greater quality control and the reduction of waste on site.

We generally find two types of panel design. The first one, for the north and south elevations, has 650-mm orthogonal nerves to the façade, and the second one, for the east and west sun, has vertical nerves with 37-degree inclination to opposite sides.

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